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The Soviet Union has disappeared along with people’s citizenship, currency, jobs, salaries, pensions, politics. Oligarchs pillage the nation's wealth. Will Russia become a liberal democracy? Will it plunge into chaos? These are fascinating times and John Mole wants to be part of it.

Sometimes sinister, often hilarious and always fascinating,a Russian feast from caviar to samovar.

a traveller who likes to get his hands as well as his boots dirty 

a journey under the (potato) skin of the New Russia

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But what can he do? Inspiration strikes - British fast food! He gets technical advice from Jackets of Brixton, money from the British taxpayer, and a partnership with the Russian Farmers' Union. And then, just as it takes off - the summons. Breakfast with the mafia

Hired as a rabotnik, a worker, entitled to a week in a sanatorium every year, he tries to corner the market in business names and pizza cheese. He is taken for a corpse's son, a Red Square demonstrator and a vampire's victim. He tries to merge into his surroundings, too literally sometimes, but nothing that a hose-down and a change of clothes doesn't put right.
  fantasists and scientists,Astralists and Tolkeinists,
Eurocrats and bureaucrats, hopeful oligarchs, hopeless biznismyen, muggers, conmen, mafia and (extra)ordinary Russians in a world turned inside out.

Meanwhile Russians try to sell him fireworks, seashells, tungsten, the scrapings of baby reindeer horn. And advanced biotechnology, using bacteria to purify the air in submarines...


      ISBN: 978-1857885095  

published by
Nicholas Brealey