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fully expanded and updated third edition

Nicholas Brealey




A very clever management book"
John Cleese






Business Week: invaluable political and psychological profiles of each nationality...a wonderfully entertaining view of others as well as ourselves

In your business environment
Do you use first names or last names?
Do you make jokes at meetings and presentations?
Do people pay more attention to what you say or to what you write?
Can you do business before developing good personal relationships?
How important is socialising and hospitality?
How important is punctuality? Does everything start exactly on time?
Where do the most important conversations take place? In the office or somewhere else?
At meetings is there a detailed agenda or a spontaneous discussion?
Does everyone contribute equally or does the boss dominate?
Does everyone have to agree on a decision or does the boss decide?
Will people from other cultures give the same answers?
What do they tell you about deeply held values and expectations about how to do business?
How do you create and manage a team whose members give different answers?

What do I need to know about people from other countries that will help us work successfully together?

Covers no less than thirty-three different business cultures including non-EU countries such as Norway, Switzerland, Russia and the USA. 

New chapters on diversity and change identify the key elements that shape the business environment of the continent.

Much more than a simple catalogue of countries, Mind Your Manners explores Europe's extraordinary political, economic and social changes and the effect these have on the way we work together.

Fifteen extra country chapters including 
the ten new members of the European Union, the world's biggest global market.


Mind Your Manners  has become a 50,000 copy bestseller and the standard guide to European business cultures for over a decade. 

Based on interviews, workshops and surveys with over a thousand managers of fifty nationalities 

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