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Sun, Sheep and Sea, Ruins, Retsina – and Real Greeks.

A love affair with Greece...


..a little whitewashed house with a blue door and blue shutters on an unspoiled island in a picturesque village next to the beach with a taverna round the corner... 

...in your dreams Moley. Welcome to a tumbledown ruin on a hillside with no road, no water, no electricity, no roof, no floor, no doors, no windows and twenty years of goat dung...


"Like Odysseus making his legendary way home to his birthplace Ithaca, the island of Evia  was the goal of my life’s journey. It was better than Birmingham."


      IAGTM! Cover

Welcome to our village. Meet Elpida, who cures bad backs with a raw egg and spells ...Ajax the death-dealing butcher... Saint John the goat-headed saint... beautiful Eleni yearning for Düsseldorf...old man Christos, dug up on a sunny summer morning...sun-touched Dionysos dancing like an English tourist...a family saved from a watery grave ...and Hector their dog, a mutant specially bred to frighten little children, who met his destiny on Evia

Here is timeless, rural Greece - catch it before it goes.


ISBN: 978-1857883756



a taste of Greece...

They were not tourist  taverna keftethes, lumps of clay swimming in sump oil. They were light and fragrant and melted like truffles in the mouth With them was rice flavoured with goat's butter, fresh wild greens dug out of the hillside...

cheek puckering, lip curling, gum shrivelling, tongue gagging, tooth aching, head shuddering, throat burning, stomach churning, bowel trembling, squit shitting, arse burning turpentine

"Evripos means fast current in Ancient Greek,”
“Fat lot they knew,” said Kate and tossed an empty Smarties tube into the historic waters to bob aimlessly on the spot.

The tormented wail of an amplified violin cut through the hubbub like cheese wire. An electric bouzouki played the sound track to a nervous breakdown. The trilling clarinet, its bell wrapped round the ball of a microphone, aroused a secret and unwanted excitement, like pulling wool through teeth...

Tassos N Petrisa: "The emperor Justinian fortified Halkida in the 5th century. There then follows a period of some centuries during, which very little of importance seems to have happened."

For haemorrhoids, fry an onion in pork fat and leave as long as possible in the affected place. Sfikas is silent about the size but presumably you should take measurements. He advises letting it cool down first - you wouldn’t want to burn your fingers